Friday, September 18, 2009

SAQA Auction - My First Purchase

In the first round of the auction, I purchased three pieces. Two have arrived. I am very excited. The artwork is so much better than I realized from the photos on the SAQA website. So here is my first one, called Clowning Around by Jan Potter. Jan had a similar piece in Sacred Threads. I immediately recognized her SAQA donation since I am intimately familiar with all the Sacred Threads pieces. So this feels like a souvenir of the Sacred Threads show.

Thank you Jan for donating this piece.


Francie said...

Hi Lisa,

i purchased my first SAQA auction piece this year - "This N That II" by Anne Parker. It arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely delighted! I loved your "Icelandic Poppies" - black & white with red is my favorite color mix!

I visit the Sacred Threads gallery site occasionally and enjoy it very much... it's a relaxing and meditative retreat.

I've been enjoying your blog, after having discovered it thanks to the auction site.

My best to you...

Suzanne Kistler said...