Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Work. University of Michigan Bioartography

I have finished a new piece called Escher's Needlepoint. It is based on a scientific photo by Kaelyn Male, a scientist at the University of Michigan. My Fiber Artists and Loose Ends group is doing a collaborative exhibit called "Art Under the Microscope"with University of Michigan scientists from the Center for Organogenesis, the Gifts of Art program and the Society for the Arts in Healthcare. The exhibit opens October 19th. To learn more, visit the exhibit announcement on the Gifts of Art website.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. I saw two of Donna DeSoto's submissions this morning and am in awe of all of these. I just wish they could be seen locally in a show because the photos do not do the art quilts justice.

Jane Brown

Suzanne Kistler said...

I love these special collections created by your art group. The interaction between art and science is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

quiltedtime said...


This is awesome! Truly, there is no end to the wonder and inspiration that nature provides. That's when I am certain that there is a higher power.


Anonymous said...

lisa the art work thats shown by you just shows how beautiful and intricately gos has designed every thing on earth !!!
its really a pleasure to know that you have the eye for the art !!!
love your work.just feel connected with it !!!