Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brehm Coalition Quilt

I have completed this new quilt called Connecting the Dots of Type I Diabetes Research. It will be donated to the University of Michigan Brehm Center for Type I Diabetes Research and Analysis. The piece shows funky dotted portraits of ten top scientists from around the country that are a part of the Brehm Coalition and are committed to collaboration on finding a cure for the devastating disease. Also shown in this quilt are Bill and Dee Brehm who created the vision for this initiative. And a guest appearance in the quilt is Paul Lichter who heads the Kellogg Eye Center and co-houses the Brehm Center at the University of Michigan. Can you figure out who is who?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Canna Flower

This is my newest quilt called Canna. I tried a new technique using Photoshop to manipulate the photo and then printed it on fabric.
The inspiration photo was taken by Craig Cramer and was used with his permission. You can check out his blog at During the course of our discussion, he posted a blog about my work. You can read his entry by clicking here.

This quilt will be donated to the University of Michigan Hospital cancer wing. For you alert readers you will notice that I abandoned my project from Asilomar. I was not happy with the applique.