Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SAQA Auction starts September 20th

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) 12" x 12" auction starts in a week. The last two years I have participated by donating and buying some really awesome pieces. Here is a link to the auction page where you can see how it works: Auction Page.

My piece called "It's a Little Fishy" is on page 1b of the auction page. Here is detailed view of my piece.

It's a Little Fishy. My 2010 SAQA Donation. Bid!  
You might wonder what to do with these small pieces. I used them to decorate. Here are some photos to show you. First up is one of the pieces I purchased last year. It was made by Janice Potter.

Clowing Around by Jan Potter

I took inspiration from Jan's piece and made a large quilt which I call Aquarium. Also, while I was making my donation for this year's auction, I made a second piece to complement Clowing Around. Each of these three pieces are stitched onto stretcher bars covered in a neutral textured decorator fabric. I mounted them over our fireplace in our summer home.

Fireplace in California home

Here is a close-up of the fireplace:

So please on September 20th, bid, bid, bid! It's for a great cause and can be just the thing you need for your home.

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