Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting Feedback

I have a passion for healing quilt projects. Using my love of quilting to make hospitals better for patients and their families is a calling. This started with my art quilt teacher Judy House and her vision for art quilts at Walter Reed.

I feel called to work on these projects. Feedback is not expected or necessary. And in fact, looking for feedback, can create ego issues and become a motivation which is distracting and gets us off track. I constantly remind myself of a favorite bible verse: "He who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted" (Matt 23:12). So I work on my calling whether there is feedback or not.

Having said that, today I got feedback on our Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends "Art Under the Microscope" exhibit which is currently traveling to hospitals all over the U.S. It just finished up at NIH and is now headed to Vanderbilt.

Here are some of the comments:
“To whom it may concern:
I have been a “visitor” at the University of Chicago Hospital for the past four months, while my husband undergoes chemotherapy for the 2nd time in his life for the re-occurrence of testicular cancer.  In order to get to the Bernard Mitchell Hospital where he is an inpatient, we must travel via the hallway that exhibits ART UNDER THE MICROSCOPE on display.  I cannot tell you how much this exhibit means to myself and family.  Not looking forward to the stay or treatments, this exhibit brings an inner peace and calmness, putting a smile on our face each time we pass by it.  The attention to detail in the beauty that is portrayed is overwhelming.  More hospitals should take the initiative and display artwork that is “one of a kind” and most appreciated.  I believe this exhibit means more knowing the premise behind the beauty of the art is what they are being treated for the human body.  Just as humans evolve, so does this unique art.  A huge fan, many thanks for making an experience that is not so enjoyable, a remembrance.”

“Sublime, brilliant – how we all need the combination of science, art and the miraculous!
Thank you!”

“Incredible, beautiful, wonderful.  One of the best shows I’ve seen in this gallery space.  It spoke to my heart.  Thank you!”

“I especially found the “Escher’s Needlepoint” beautiful – who knew the inside of a mouse’s small intestine could be duplicated into such beautiful artwork.  The entire exhibit was amazing” (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)

“I think this is a phenomenal exhibit.  I’ve visited many art museums and this has captured me in a way few others have.  Each piece is excellently done – aesthetically pleasing and scientifically unique.  Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.”

“This is the best part of my commute to work, walking past these gorgeously creative masterpieces!  Great job.  I don’t know now if I want to “grow up” to be an artist or a scientist!!”

“So relevant, original, creative and completely fascinating!  It has a real “WOW” factor – I just loved it.”
So... thank you to the hospital visitors that took the time to provide comments. Thank you to the curator who collected them and to Society for the Arts and Healthcare for sending them to us artists.

I will remain humbled but have confirmation that we are doing important work and making a difference.

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Suzanne Kistler said...

You ARE doing important work, Lisa. I'm glad you got the affirmation. I love to see quilters respond to the call to use their talents to comfort and encourage others. Thank you!