Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Journal Quilt 2007

A Page from My Book:
Journal Quilts 2007 – Journal Quilt Project

The TO-BE List (the anti-TO DO list).

Creative Quilting techniques used: “bubble-quilted” background (p. 14); raw-edge mounted (p. 101); portrait line drawing (p. 194)

April. My first ideas for my journal quilt focus on techniques I want to try. I am camping with my son’s Boy Scout crew in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, sitting by a peaceful pond and reading the Creative Quilting Book. The portrait line drawing technique sparks my imagination and gives me an idea for my theme. Hmmm. I decide I’ll do a portrait of myself and then add embellishments that describe who I am.

May. I want to make that cool bubble-quilted background and just play. I need a break from my projects with close deadlines. Just sewing circles will be fun

June. I have started collecting images of things that represent my life. So far I have a computer (I’m a geek), a sewing machine (quilter), fleur-de-lis (Boy Scout leader), and a cross (faith). I need to find a way to represent my family.

September. Yikes! I am totally overwhelmed! I have been gone all summer and now I have all the kids’ school paperwork, Boy Scout meetings to plan, seven weeks of emails to answer, and five websites to be updated. I am drowning in my TO-DO list! I realize I need to regroup. It’s time for the TO-BE list!

I am not defined by what I do or what I get done. What’s most important everyday is to be the person I was created to be.

Now I know what I want to do with my journal quilt. I do not want this quilt to communicate what I DO, but who I want to BE. And I will start with “Be Still and Know that I Am.” (Psalm 46:10).

Here is a picture of me at the Houston, International Quilt Festival standing next to my Journal Quilt. Notice I am standing in the same position as my portrait. The lines on the face and my bangs are in the same position. That was unplanned and kind of amusing! Click on this link to view other Journal Quilts.


Nikki said...

What a wonderful reminder to focus on who we were created to be. I so easily get lost in the to do list. Great quilt!!!

Anonymous said...

I especially liked your 2007 Journal quilt. Was yet another reminder of who we are in Christ. I was equally impressed with your ability to combine your art with your faith. I checked out your Praise story also, great.May God continue to use you.
I generally don't write but had to comment on yours. I have always wanted to have a quilt in Sacred Threads. Congratulations on your entries.

Anonymous said...

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