Monday, November 12, 2007

2007 Journal Quilt of Sue Pel-Or of Israel

A fellow quilt artist from Israel created this beautiful piece. I had captured a picture at the show in Houston and read on the QuiltArt List about her desire for a picture. I contacted her and we agreed that I should post it here for all to enjoy. Contact Sue.

A Page from My Book: Journal Quilts 2007
Journal Quilt Project

Susan Pel-Or

Spare That Tree

Creative Quilting techniques used
Scanned, photocopied and printed (p.16); Using my own digital photos printed on cotton heavily freemotion embroidered (p.23); Use of overwhelming black background to bring forward smaller picture (p.130)

I was devastated by the topping of the tree outside my workroom which was authorized by someone in our building in spite of the fact that the owners had voted against it. This tree provided shade, beauty and privacy.

I had to find trees in bloom to photograph but in fact I never found a tree that was as beautiful as ours had been. I had to print a photograph which I then reversed and printed again (on Extravorganza) so that it would be lighter than the stump which I photographed and printed on cotton. I scanned an actual flower and printed it in several sizes. I printed the branch section again on cotton and cut out individual branches to scatter around the base. I then fused my composition onto black cotton and used a variety of threads to freemotion on the different areas.

Because my sewing machine decided to go on strike, I used hand stitching far more than I had originally planned, but I feel it was a fortunate accident.

The journal quilts have enabled me to work more freely and have “given me permission” to incorporate any technique that works.

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