Sunday, November 8, 2009

A new piece for my church

Today we celebrated our clergy at church in recognition of Clergy Appreciation month. I created this piece called 'Filled' which depicts the scene in Acts 2:4 when the Holy Spirit descends and fills the discples. This event is referred to as Pentecost and is celebrated 40 days after Easter. This piece was inspired by a painting by Vanessa Williams and was used with her permission.


Nina-Marie said...

Well you know - it goes without saying - that I love this piece. Of course Praise and the Holy Spirit is still one of my favorite subjects. Great job!!

Suzanne Kistler said...

Lisa, it is beautiful!

quiltedtime said...


You did a wonderful job on the script. You can read every letter. What is the size of the quilt?


Lisa Ellis said...

The quilt is 17" x 22" and then is stitched onto black linen stretched onto stretcher bars.

What has been amazing to me in the last few days is the interpretation by church members. I had one friend say that my choice of black for the faces and hands, reminds her of our darkness that through Christ we are brought out into the light (Psalm 139). Another was reminded of the connection we have with the church in Uganda and the blessing of their friendship and sacrifice.

I chose black for artistic reasons and to make the figures faceless which represents each one of us.