Wednesday, August 12, 2009

California Beach House and Milestone Birthdays

I have been off-line for quite awhile now. I am in California at my summer house. During the weeks we are here, we are unplugged. We have no Internet, no TV and limited cell phone coverage. I spend my days in my studio and sitting at the beach. This pile of stones is a reminder to bask in God's beautiful creation. Tomorrow I celebrate a milestone birthday. I have lived half a century. This is the perfect place to think about all my blessings and dream of the next half century.


Nina-Marie said...

Happy Birthday - what a great way to spend it. The photo is so inspiring! God Bless and may this year be the best year yet! Hugs!!

VirginiaQuilter said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. Have a very creative day. Can't wait to see your creations at the next Playgroup.

Suzanne Kistler said...

Happy birthday, Lisa!!!

Where in CA are you? The view is spectacular and inspiring. What a blessing to be able to be there. May your next 50 be filled with God's abundant blessings!!!