Friday, September 28, 2007

Studio Experiments

With the kids back in school and some time in the studio, I decided to just play with fabric for a few days. I needed a break from quilt projects with deadlines! The show Simply Quilts is back on the air. While I have seen most of them, I enjoy the peaceful time in the morning to gather my thoughts and be inspired by Alex Anderson's guests. Recently, I caught an episode with Kim Deneault. She has developed a technique called Raggedy Reverse Applique which she uses for working with kids. Check out her website and book. I decided to try it to make some abstract art quilts. Here are three different ones I made, each within just a couple of hours. It is alot of fun! I layered three fat quarters of fabric, right side up and then sewed long curvy lines. I then cut through either one or two of the layers leaving 1/4" next to the sewing line. Then using Kim's technique, I clipped the edges about 1/8" apart. Once all the edges are clipped, I washed and dried it the machine. I added a back and then quilted. I added some fibers to the beige and blue one. Phew, got that out of my system. So now it's back to a quilt project that is due in two days.

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Nikki said...

This looks like a fun technique. I love to work in ways that are different. Thank you for sharing.